6 Recipes for Brownies and Blondies

6 irresistible recipes for brownies and blondies

According to the Fanny Farmer Cookbook (from the Boston Cooking School) the original brownies were molasses squares and had no chocolate in them at all!

There is much written about the origin of what we now know as brownies (made with chocolate) and recipes for classic chocolate brownies have made there way onto many lists of favourite baked treats.

I love brownies and blondies for their one-pan simplicity. They’re easy to make (my kids have our favourite recipe mastered) and are a multi-purpose sort of treat.

There is no shortage of recipes for brownies and blondies  on this website. Most contain chocolate in some form or another and because they also contain molasses our recipes tend to be on the fudgy side.

If you’re craving a homemade fudgy brownies or blondies, especially as Valentine’s Day approaches, here are six recipes to get your mouth watering.

6 Recipes for Brownies and Blondies

One-Bite Molasses Brownies:

Easy and fudgy, this is the recipe my kids have mastered.

One bite molasses brownies

Zucchini Brownies with Molasses and Flax:

A moist and tasty brownie that’s on the wholesome side.

Zucchini Brownies with molasses and flax.

Molasses Oat Blondies:

We use this recipe as the basis for our Oven-Baked S’Mores Brownies.

Molasses Oat Blondies for Oven-baked S'Mores

Chewy Gingerbread Blondies:

These are intense and chewy, with lots of spice.

chewy gingerbread blondies

Brown Butter Molasses Blondies:

Browning the butter is an extra step but worth it. This recipe makes a large pan too.

IMG_0019 crop 2 featured image

Chocolate Almond Brownies:

A gluten-free option that isn’t too sweet. Extra easy to make.

gluten free chocolate almond brownies



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