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As one of Canada’s most trusted food companies, the Crosby Foods Limited prides itself on providing quality foods to customers. Part of our quality promise means delivering good food that our customers can feel good about.

At Crosby, we’re committed to reducing our impact on the environment through environmentally responsible and sustainable business practices. We comply with all laws and regulations applicable to our business, and continually improve our environmental management systems to ensure we’re meeting or exceeding industry standards.

How are we doing this? We’ve implemented an environmental committee, led by an Executive Champion, to develop, maintain, implement, and evaluate policies, procedures and training programs, aimed at minimizing the environmental impact of our operations in a socially and financially responsible manner.

Our Goals and Benchmarks

We’ve set the following environmental targets:

By 2030 we commit to hit the following metrics (as compared to 2019 benchmarks):

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  • Reduce CO2 by 25%
  • Reduce energy consumption by 10%
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  • Reduce consumption by 10%
  • Improve wastewater quality
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  • Reduce operational waste by 25%
  • Reduce diverted waste by 50%
  • Reduce food waste by 50%
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  • Reduce material use by 10%
  • Ensure 100% is compostable, recyclable or reusable
  • Includes 15% recycled or renewable content
As a family business, we run our business to set a path for future generations.


As a family business, it’s paramount that we run our business in a way that meets our current needs, but also sets a sustainable path for future generations.

For decades we have sourced our premium fancy molasses from a single sugar mill in Guatemala. They are dedicated to the responsible growth and harvest of sugar cane, and the production of molasses, meeting our quality standards in harmony with the environment.

To lessen our impact on the environment, our molasses is shipped directly to us by ocean going freighter. In doing so we’re able to ensure food safety and security, shorten the supply chain, and reduce carbon emissions.

We believe that applying sustainability practices to our business is essential for the future of our industry and our company. For us, it’s more than simply making smart business choices. It’s about making the right decisions for our climate, our environment and the communities where we operate.

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Our Communities

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Our roots have been in the same Canadian community for over 140 years. As a large production facility and long-term employer, we believe it’s important that we play an active role in bettering the community where we, our employees and their families live and work. Crosby Foods Limited has been one of the top contributors to the United Way of Greater Saint John, Kings and Charlotte Counties for decades. Through them we actively strengthen our community through improved access to social and health services; access to inclusivity programming; breaking the cycle of generational poverty; and supporting youth in our community, allowing them to thrive and succeed at school.

Our Team

Jim Crosby

Jim Crosby

James Crosby

James Crosby

President and CEO
William Crosby

William Crosby

Jeanette Howley

Jeanette Howley

Chief Operating Officer
Jim Ryan

Jim Ryan

Director of Finance
Lori King

Lori King

Director of Retail Sales, Marketing, and Innovation
Robert Powell

Robert Powell

Vice-President of Crosby Liquid Bulk Terminals