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Our Brands

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Our Brands

Crosby Molasses

Crosby Molasses offers our flagship Crosby’s brand of molasses, available coast to coast in Canada and Northeastern United States. Crosby’s is available in three formulations:

  • Fancy Molasses the highest grade of molasses.
  • Blackstrap Molasses a nutrient-rich product with a darker color.
  • Cooking Molasses a blend of Fancy and Blackstrap for a unique flavour and sweetness profile.
Crosby's Grandma brand molasses package


In 1997, the Grandma brand joined the Crosby family of molasses brands. Mélasse Grandma is available almost exclusively in the province of Quebec.

Grandma is available as Fancy Molasses only.

Crosby's Drink Crystal packages

Crosby’s Drink Crystals

Available in seven, Vitamin C enriched flavours, Crosby’s drink crystals are an economical way to refresh your family’s thirst.

Marshmallow Fluff


Similar in flavour, but not texture, to regular solid marshmallow. Marshmallow Fluff is a New England classic comfort food, imported and distributed throughout Canada by Crosby.
Visit the Fluff website.

lucky leaf pie filling

Lucky Leaf Fruit Filling

Savour the taste of fruit picked fresh from family farms. Lucky Leaf Fruit Filling is super easy to use and even more delicious to eat.

Visit the Lucky Leaf website.