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Our products are carried by all major grocery chains across Canada.

No – in fact, when you refrigerate molasses it’s actually harder to pour. The phrase “as slow as cold molasses” isn’t just an old wives’ tale!

Molasses is best kept at room temperature between 10°C to 21°C (50 – 70°F). The shelf life of molasses is generally 18 months when kept below 21°C and under reasonably steady conditions of temperature and humidity. Refrigeration or freezing may crystallize the natural sugars and therefore is not recommended.

You can find all nutritional information on our products page.

There is only one ingredient listed on the Crosby’s Molasses carton: molasses. That’s because molasses is a pure product with absolutely no additives or preservatives.

Yes! None of our products contain any nuts and beginning in 2009, to further prevent the risk of cross-contamination, our plant went completely peanut-free by banning peanut products from the facility completely.

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