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Liquid Bulk Terminal

Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal has established itself as an accessible and leading facility for the food manufacturing industry in Saint John, New Brunswick and along the Eastern seaboard. Crosby’s is an important link in the supply chain of food manufacturers, co-manufacturers, and producers with a wide range of services, including tank storage, heating, blending, and vessel loading and offloading. Its location, flexibility, safety and quality protocols and commitment to sustainability make it a valuable asset for all its clients.

Co-manufacturing Facility

Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal has a great advantage over other liquid bulk facilities. With its main manufacturing facility only minutes away, Crosby’s co-manufacturing facility can make it possible to further process or package a manufacturer’s liquid or powder products. This facility offers an excellent opportunity for food manufacturers to produce high-quality products.

We offer:

  • Third-party storage
  • 7 acres
  • 46 food grade storage tanks
  • Capacity ranging from 25 metric tonnes to 10,000 metric tonnes
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Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal offers great flexibility in its services. This facility is equipped to handle both large and small quantities of bulk liquids, and its services are tailored to meet the needs of food manufacturers, co-manufacturers, and producers. Crosby’s team is highly trained and committed to providing excellent customer service, ensuring their clients are satisfied with their services.

Safety and Quality

 Safety and food safety is paramount at Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal. This facility adheres to strict protocols to ensure the safety of its employees, products, and clients. Crosby’s facility is SQF certified, which meets globally recognized safety and quality assurance standards. This certification indicates Crosby’s commitment to providing safe and high-quality services.

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Crosby’s is also committed to sustainability. The facility has implemented numerous sustainability initiatives to minimize its environmental impact. Crosby’s team also places a high priority on reducing waste and the use of plastic in their operations and is committed to the innovation of better packaging.  These continued efforts reflect the company’s commitment to sustainability and responsibility of being an environmental steward.

Location and Services

Located in Saint John, New Brunswick, on Canada’s East Coast, Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal is serviced by two deep water ports open year-round. This advantageous location makes it easy to access the ocean while also being close to rail and road links, allowing for efficient product transportation. Highway proximity makes it 90 minutes to the US border and eight hours to Montreal. Crosby’s Liquid Bulk Terminal is a 100% food-grade facility that provides many liquid bulk services, including heating, blending, vessel loading and offloading, flexi container offloading, tanker loading and unloading, and soon-to-be-complete rail.

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