Four Great Granola Recipes

Servings: 24 serving(s)

Prep time: 15 minutes

Total time: 1 hours 15 minutes

Cooking time: 1 hours

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Why buy granola when you can make healthy and delicious granola at home, for half the cost? Here are four easy, and great, granola recipes to try..

Four healthy granola recipes: Why buy granola when you can make healthy and delicious granola at home, for half the cost.

Granola is so easy to make at home that there is no need to buy it. Especially if you want to be in charge of what goes in your granola. Make it refined sugar-free, or not. Make it low fat, or not. Fill it with every nut and seed in your cupboard, or not.

That’s the beauty of making it yourself. And it’s inexpensive too.

I fell in love with granola when I was in grade three. That’s when my mom received a recipe for granola in the mail from cousins who had moved from New Brunswick to California.  I had the best recess snack in the class on granola day. By the time I was on my own I was in the habit of baking a weekly batch and you can still find a homemade jar or two in my cupboard.

Here are four great granola recipes to try this year:

Healthy Applesauce Granola

Applesauce adds flavour and reduces the fat in this colourful recipe.

easy applesauce granola

Hearty Granola Cookies

This is the hand pie of the granola world. A granola cookie is easier to eat when you’re on the run than a bag full of granola. It’s basically the only way to eat granola with one hand.

healthy granola cookies

Shaker-Style Granola

Okay, this isn’t really a Shaker recipe but it is a simple, almost elegant recipe. Not too many ingredients, not too sweet. Wholesome and satisfying.

Simple molasses granola

Cranberry Almond Granola Clusters

This is one of my favourite ways to eat granola. Nut-filled clusters are a cross between loose granola and a granola bar. The clusters are bite-sized so convenient for hand snacking. The recipe is on my personal blog…

Granola clusters

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