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This easy molasses chocolate cake recipe is delicious and practical. It’s dairy and egg-free, makes a 9″x 13″ cake or two 8″ cakes for layering, and stays moist, even after a few days. An exceptional chocolate cake recipe is a true essential in every kitchen. […]

Are you in search of the perfect cake for fall? This moist, light textured and oh so easy pumpkin cake is just what October called for. It seems to suit the season of falling leaves and cooling days. Not heavy and not too sweet. Not […]

Molasses Pound Cake is a beautifully textured cake with a doughnut-style glaze and buttery molasses flavour.   The wonder of a pound cake, aside from the buttery flavour and dense crumb, is that it cuts so beautifully. This recipe makes a good-sized cake that can […]

This molasses crumb cake makes a good snack to go with coffee or tea. It’s a modest coffee cake but the crumb mixture on top makes it feel a little special. If you like big, easy cakes that can feed a crowd try our chocolate […]

Our Molasses Feather Cake is a classic and traditional dessert known for its light and fluffy texture. This timeless treat is characterized by the rich flavor of molasses, which imparts a deep, caramel-like sweetness. The cake’s name is comes from its delicate, feathery crumb, creating […]

Discover our Top 10 Recipes of the Year 2023! Have you tried any of these recipes? Our culinary team has curated and tested these timeless favorites, thanks to the unwavering support of molasses enthusiasts like you. As we unveil this year’s top picks, we express […]

What is Blackstrap Molasses? Blackstrap molasses is a highly-concentrated, very dark molasses with a robust, somewhat bitter flavour. Like our fancy molasses, it is a pure product, it contains no added preservatives and is a nutritive sweetener. Many people are fans of the stronger, more […]

Gingerbread cake doesn’t have to be complicated. This recipe has stood the test of time, is trusted by generations of bakers, and it couldn’t be simpler to make. Enjoy this old fashioned gingerbread cake while it’s warm, with caramel sauce poured over, or vanilla ice […]

Chocolate gingerbread Bundt cake is a beautifully spiced Holiday cake meant for sharing. If you’re in need of a dessert idea for a Holiday gathering chocolate gingerbread Bundt cake is your answer. Beautifully spiced and with a firm crumb it’s the kind of cake that […]

Whole wheat zucchini pancakes are hearty and wholesome and include one serving of vegetables in each portion.  I’m a proponent of pancakes for supper. And it isn’t just a Shrove Tuesday thing. Some days, having breakfast for supper is just what everyone needs. But then […]

In this cake the rhubarb cooks almost to a compote and gets all the sweet that it needs as it bakes in a molasses-maple syrup mixture. The rhubarb is soft but still holds its shape so this cake is very pretty when you turn it out onto a plate.

Take your gingerbread from snack cake to delectable dessert with a drizzle of Pumpkin Molasses Caramel Sauce. This rich and creamy sauce tastes lightly of pumpkin, making it an ideal topping for gingerbread and other spiced desserts.

A sticky orange ginger cake served warm – is there any dessert more comforting? Hot apple crisp comes close but there is something about the texture and spicing of gingerbread that wraps your up in a blanket. We can’t imagine a gingerbread without molasses. For […]

Rolled oats, whole grain flour and flax stick with you through the morning. They supply good nutrition, add texture and a whole lot of flavour. This recipe is sweetened with a bit of molasses, which adds flavour too. These are not fluffy pancakes. Apple Oatmeal Pancakes […]

These soft molasses cookies are along the lines of the lovable Bear Paws cookies.  We are not sure if it’s the cake-like softness of Bear Paws that draws me to these cookies or the cute name. Whatever, it is they’re irresistible. These are definitely good […]

Make a healthy version of a chocolate cake: Chocolate beet cake is moist, chocolaty and refined-sugar-free. Baking with natural sweeteners Plain old sugar has its place in baking. It’s easy to cook with and does the job of sweetening whatever it is you’re making but […]

The beauty of a cookie like this is that they’re a not-too-sweet treat and are as good with a slice of cheese or dab of peanut butter as they are on their own. The cookies are soft, but not in a cake-like way so travel […]

It’s a classic chocolate chip cookie made rich, delicious and extra flavourful with molasses. There is no brown sugar in the recipe but the texture is characteristic of a good brown sugar cookie -- All that flavour that you just can’t get from plain white sugar.

You’ll love the sweet and salty flavour that this molasses marinade adds to the salmon, especially if you find salmon a little strong. It caramelizes on top and adds a savoury edge that balances out the richness of the fish. That’s what’s so great about […]

Are you in search of a Valentine’s Day dessert with a twist? How about an authentic St. Patrick’s Dale celebration dessert? Guinness Chocolate Gingerbread Cake is perfect for both celebrations. It has just the right amount of deliciousness to launch that arrow; to satisfy a […]

These carrot cake muffins are light and airy, made with three eggs and not much butter. They’re moist and just the right kind of sweet. The molasses cream cheese frosting is a nice addition if you want to enjoy these as a treat.   These carrot […]

Some of the best cakes are muffin-simple to make, like this easy apple spice cake (a moist applesauce cake). Some of the best cakes out there are muffin-simple. Made with real butter and good stone-ground flour, they’ve got flavour to spare and have no need […]