Pure Molasses: A variety to choose from.

Do you prefer a strong, dark and robust molasses? Or do you prefer the sweeter, lighter fancy variety? However your tastes run, we’ve got the molasses to satisfy all your needs.

There are different types or “grades” of molasses, from fancy molasses that is pure sugarcane juice inverted into a syrup, to blackstrap molasses, a byproduct of the refined sugar-making process. (And our cooking molasses is a blend of the two.)

Fancy Molasses

The highest grade of molasses available: fancy molasses is pure sugarcane juice that has been condensed, inverted and purified. It is 100% natural, contains no additives, is unsulfured and non-GMO certified. Standard of identity: In Canada, fancy molasses has a standard of identity. Only pure sugarcane juice inverted into a syrup can be classified as fancy molasses. (Fancy molasses is not a by-product of the sugar refining process.) Terroir: Our fancy molasses comes from just one place: Madre Tierra sugar mill in the village of Santa Lucia, Guatemala. It is made from the juice of sugarcane grown in the surrounding volcanic soils. A lower-carb sweetener: Fancy molasses is gluten-free and paleo. It is 35% less sweet than white sugar and contains 25% fewer carbs. All the recipes on this website are made with Fancy Molasses. bi-l - colour-shadow

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Cooking Molasses

Cooking Molasses is a blend of blackstrap and fancy molasses. It is thicker and darker than fancy molasses -- less sweet, with a more "full-flavoured" taste. Uses: It is commonly used to flavour sweets and cookies like gingersnaps, and is also excellent in baked beans and a variety of sauces such as barbeque and sweet-and-sour sauce. Any product made with Cooking Molasses will have a much more robust "molasses" flavour than if Fancy Molasses is used.

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Blackstrap Molasses

Blackstrap Molasses is the highly-concentrated, final by-product of the refined sugar manufacturing process. As the sugar crystallizes, the residual cane juice thickens into a dark mass and is separated out through a centrifuge. The resulting molasses is very dark with a robust, somewhat bitter flavour. Like the fancy molasses, it is a pure product and contains no added sulphates or sulphites. Uses: Blackstrap molasses is often used as a natural colouring agent in foods (in place of artificial caramel colour). Some prefer the more robust flavour of blackstrap molasses when preparing foods like baked beans or gingerbread. Blackstrap molasses is recognized as a source of iron and calcium. .

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