Our Crosby’s Secret Sauce competition is back for its second year!  Held at the Fredericton Ribfest Block Party, June 8th, 2024 and the Ribfest 506 Saint John, June 15th, 2024, this year’s competition becomes even more heated as contestants compete for the title of New Brunswick’s best homemade BBQ sauce!

We are calling all BBQ enthusiasts who have their own Secret Sauce recipe – the one that garners praise from friends and family, the one that never fails and brings the magic to the grill.  

Free to enter, contestants must submit their recipe for their favourite homemade BBQ sauce, initially judged by the Crosby’s team, with the chosen semi-finalists then asked to bring their actual sauce to either ribfest to compete for the prizes and titles.  

All recipes must contain Crosby’s molasses (any style) or Maple + Molasses (or both!) and be the contestant’s own recipe, with their special touch – we want originals! We also want your story – why this the sauce that makes you the ultimate grill master. We also want to see your technique, so send a couple photos of you in action.

The initial entries, in each city, will be judged by a local chef and Crosby Foods, with finalists chosen to attend Fredericton Ribfest Block Party or Ribfest 506 Saint John (your choice!). The actual sauce must be submitted by the contestant on competition day (June 8th in Fredericton and June 15th in Saint John), where an esteemed panel of judges will sample the sauce and enjoy on the BBQ, to determine the winner.

Prizes: Each city’s winner will receive $500 and the winning trophy, with the Grand prize winner receiving $1000 in cash and trophy.

Entry Dates:

Fredericton Entrants:

Enter between May 2nd to June 6th 2024. Semifinalists will be notified by June 5th to attend (or their representative) the Fredericton Ribfest Block Party, with their actual homemade sauce, on June 8th, 2024 for the judging.

Saint John Entrants:

Enter between May 2nd to June 11th. Semifinalists will be notified by June 12th to attend (or their representative) the Ribfest 506 Saint John, with their actual homemade sauce, on June 15th 2024, for the judging.

Grand Final

Winners of each will proceed to the Grand Finals to be held at a mutually agreed date in Saint John later this summer.

How to Enter:

You will enter via our secure website page here. You must answer all questions and include at least one photo to have a valid entry.

Want to bolster your chances?

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Let the Secret Saucing begin!