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Top 10 molasses recipes of 2017

Are you craving comfort food?

It appears that we all are or at least we did in 2017. Judging from our Top 10 molasses recipes list, it’s the old-fashioned recipes that we’re drawn to. From brown bread to baked beans, gingerbread and muffins, old-time favourites are as popular as ever.

I’d like to give a little shout-out to my mom since half of the recipes on this top 10 list are recipes that I grew up with, all family favourites that my mom has been making since I was a child. Thanks mom :)

Top 10 Molasses Recipes of 2017

(Beginning with the most popular recipe of the year)

6-Week Refrigerator Bran Muffins

You can’t beat having homemade muffin batter all set to go when ever you have a craving for muffins. And this recipe is made with natural bran so the muffins stay light.

six week refrigerator bran muffin recipe

Molasses Baked Beans with Sass

This is the recipe that I grew up with and still love best of all.

Best Barbecue Recipes: Baked Beans & Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce

Sarah’s Brown Bread

One of the easiest brown bread recipes and oh so comforting.

molasses brown bread is chewy and sweet, richly flavoured with molasses

Old Fashioned Gingerbread

This is another recipe that I grew up eating. It’s from the classic Canadian cookbook, The Laura Secord Canadian Cook Book,

old fashioned gingerbread recipe

Oatmeal Brown Bread

Mom often served this bread alongside molasses baked beans on Saturday nights in the thick of winter.

oatmeal brown bread - Mom's

Chewy Hermit Bars

This was one of my favourite recipes when I was growing up. The texture is just the right kind of chewy.


Healthy Blueberry Bran Muffins

I was one of those kids who always loved bran muffins and more so when blueberries were tossed in. This is a lighter version of a classic recipe.

Blueberry bran muffins are light-textured and moist. They're made with a generous amount of bakers bran (natural wheat bran) which is the key to their lofty texture. Blueberries and molasses keep them extra moist.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Be warned, you just might eat the entire batch in one evening. (Recipe includes a delicious sauce.)

sticky toffee pudding with rich toffee sauce

Slow Cooker Baked Beans with Sausage

This is a extra easy recipe that you can change up using different kinds of sausages. Definitely a cut above beans & wieners.

Slow cooker baked beans with sausage: an easy one-pot meal for a winter day. Choose your favourite type of sausage for this recipe (pork, chicken, turkey).

Oven-Baked Spare Ribs

You can enjoy ribs year round with this easy oven-baked version. (Another recipe from my childhood.)

oven baked ribs sm

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4 thoughts on “Top 10 Molasses Recipes of 2017 | Our Best Comfort Food

  1. Bill Manley says:

    I used to look forward to picking up your colour recipe booklet in the grocery isle nest to the molasses and bake supplies like flour. They were treasured and kept for years to pass down…………….sadly no more…………sign of the ‘end times’ w’ere living in.

    You might also consider offering a discount coupon for your product in this day and age of ridiculously soaring prices. I’m at the point I can’t afford to bake any more. If you add up the cost of baking any recipe nowadays it becomes far cheaper to buy the shit already mad in the “bakery dep’t” Sooooooooo Sad.

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      Bill, I am sorry that things change, but that is how things work. BUT, if you email with your name and complete mailing address, we will be more than happy to send you a free cookbook, filed with 30 recipes. I hope thsi gives you a little hope for the future.

  2. Cynthia Ann Shields says:

    I love all your recipes but really hate to use so much paper to download all the recipes. How does one get the booklets that you send to winners of your contest. This 75 year old always remembers the cookies my mother always made to have available when we came home from school. Still my favorites

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      Cynthia, if you would email with your name and complete mailing address, we will mail you a copy of our current cookbook. We all have such good food memories.

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