“Real” sweet – a comparison of natural sweeteners

Sparkpeople comparison*This chart was compiled by Sparkpeople.com and does not include nutritional data from Crosby Molasses. (We no longer analyze the copper and zinc content of our molasses products.)

Your guide to choosing natural sweeteners

Ever wonder  which way is up when it comes to understanding different sweeteners? An interesting article on Sparkpeople.com helps to decode natural sugars, including a description of each sugar profiled and this handy comparison chart showing calories, carbs and nutrients.

You’ll notice that this chart includes nutritional information for blackstrap molasses. For detailed nutritional information specific to Crosby Molasses products, including fancy molasses, click here. Our nutritional information is based on a 1 tablespoon serving size (greater than the 2 teaspoon serving size used in the table above).

5 thoughts on ““Real” sweet – a comparison of natural sweeteners

  1. cecil says:

    Hi, could you tell me if your molasses has had sulfer of any kind. Like to try it in the garden. Thanks

    1. Hi Cecil, our molasses is unsulfured, although our blackstrap does contain some naturally occurring sulfurs. Hope this helps!

  2. alfred says:

    is fancy molasses mixed with black strap

    1. alfred says:

      and does fancy molasses have the same nutritional content as black strap

    2. Lynn Purdy says:

      Alfred, Fancy Molasses is a brand all of its own. It is not mixed with blackstrap. Our Cooking Molasses is 30% Fancy and 70% Blackstrap. Please see the information on our website that explains all of this much better, http://www.crosbys.com/products/molasses-products/#!products. Happy Holidays.

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