50 Molasses-Inspired Recipes in our New Cookbook

Free molasses cookbook

50 of our favourite everyday recipes in one new cookbook

Here’s the news release about our new cookbook.

This is what I have come to learn…

Eating well when you’re busy can seem impossible but it’s more a matter of resolve and a great stash of recipes than it is time and effort.

I know that’s easy to say, but when you think about it some of the tastiest recipes have barely a handful of ingredients and are quick to whip up, even if spending time in the kitchen isn’t really your thing.

That’s the spirit behind our new cookbook, Molasses and More.

For this collection we gathered 50 terrific everyday recipes, food that I cooked for my family over the past couple of years. This is week-night and weekend food, lunchbox snack food and delicious breakfast food.  This is REAL food that I shared with you on this website through my weekly blog posts.

Consider this new book your “Great stash of recipes.”

This new book goes to show that there’s a place at your table for molasses anytime of the day. From traditional baked goods to main dish meals, this book is all about wholesome and satisfying everyday food – the delicious with the nutritious, made all the better because it’s homemade.

Download your free copy of Molasses and More

Here’s to eating well, every day.

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55 thoughts on “50 Molasses-Inspired Recipes in our New Cookbook

  1. Rhea Kingsbury says:

    I would enjoy to share your recipes

  2. Guy Sirois says:

    We purchased your product(2×1.35kg) fancy molasses wrapped with your recipe book 50 molasses recipe @Costco in Moncton to-day. Unfortunately pages 4 to 20 are missing! Could you please forward the complete book to: G.Sirois 76 Guylaine st. Dieppe NB E1A0M4. Thanks

    1. Dear Guy, Apologies about the cookbook. We’ll get a new copy in the mail to you asap.

  3. Marie-Ange Gagnon says:

    Love all your recipes and the hints…thank you. My mother, rest her soul, would love these too. She loved cooking with molasses. I have an old family recipe for molasses pie that my mother would often make. My brother and my husband both flip over that pie.
    Again thank you.

    1. Dear Marie-Ange, Your molasses pie sounds delicious. Would you ever share the recipe?

  4. shauna graham says:

    How do you get the free cookbook in the mail

    1. Dear Shauna, I’ll touch base via email regarding the cookbook.

    2. Viola Penney po box 191, Arnold's Cove, N L. says:

      I have one of your recipe books and really enjoy the recipes.would really like your new recipe book by mail

      1. Bridget Oland says:

        Hi Viola, We’d be happy to send you a copy of our cookbook. Look for it in the mail in the next couple of weeks.

  5. Lois Dobb says:

    Would like your cook book

    1. Hi Lois, I just sent you a note via email…

  6. judy andrews says:

    would like your cookbook please address 48 comfort street kirkland lake ont p2n3b3 use crosbys molasses all the time.

    1. Hi Judy, We’ll get a copy in the mail to you.

  7. Odette Richard says:

    Would love a copy of your cook book.

  8. wilson temple says:

    please send me your new cookbook molasses and more or let me know how to get it. thanks

    1. I just sent you a note via email…

  9. GENEVA ATWOOD says:


    1. Hi Geneva, I just sent a note via email…

  10. sharon kelly says:

    Was just wondering if you have any free cookbooks to send out by mail? As I do not have a printer :(

    If you do my address is:
    Sharon Kelly
    427 Wallaback Dr.
    New Ross NS B0J 2M0

    Thank You!!

    1. Hi Sharon, We’ll get a copy of our printed cookbook, Molasses and More, in the mail to you.

  11. Anne MacNicoll says:

    Have been using Crosby’s molasses for ever but only just decided to check your website. Wish I had done it years ago. I have a particular favourite recipe for Sticky Gingerbread that I brought with me from Scotland many moons ago. I always use the blackstrap molasses as it gives it that extra flavour and goes over well with everyone who samples it. I would really appreciate a hard copy of your cookbook as I am a die hard book fan and not so much about the computer. My address is
    226A 1st. Street, Courtenay, BC V9N 1A6. Many Thanks.

    1. Hi Anne, We’d be happy to mail you a copy of our cookbook. We’re waiting for a batch to arrive from the printer and will get yours in the mail in 3-4 weeks.

  12. Donna Stright says:

    Would love to receive a printed version of your cookbook. Also, are all of your ebooks available in a printed format?

    1. Hi Donna, We’d be happy to mail you a copy of our printed cookbook (Molasses and More.) Our eBooks are only available electronically. I’ll touch base via email to get your mailing address.

  13. Corwyn Carpenter says:

    Hi Bridget, I had ordered a cook book about 4 months ago and have never received it. My address is,
    7624 DUNCAN ST.
    UNIT # 41
    V8A 5L2
    Thanks so much for your time, I just love your Molasses, Thanks Corwyn

    1. Hi Corwyn, Just put a copy in the mail to you. Thanks for your patience.

  14. Jason MacNeil says:

    Hi there,
    My wife and I love the cookbook we got at Costco with the 2-pack. I’ve been on the lookout for another 2-pack offer for my Mom for months now. Any chance you could send her one by mail? It would make her day!
    Thanks, jason

    1. Hi Jason, We’d be happy to mail you mom a copy. I’ll touch base with you via email…

  15. Cait says:

    Hi! I was just wondering if you could send my mom a cookbook! She loves cooking/baking with molasses and has been searching for some new recipes to try.
    Thank you! :)

    1. Absolutely, Cait, just send along your postal address and we can mail one

  16. Laverne MacDonald says:

    I would love to receive a copy of your cookbook. Use molasses on a regular basis but do not have a lot of recipes using it. Thank you.

    1. Hi Laverne, We’d be happy to mail you a copy of our cookbook.

  17. Richard Oickle says:

    Hi Bridget, is it too late to get a copy of this cookbook? My address is; 158 Lawrence Avenue, Berwick, NS., B0P1E0, Canada.

    1. Dear Richard, We are out of copies of our previous cookbook (50 Molasses-inspired recipes”. Do you have a copy of our current book, Simple Fare?

  18. Olive Herridge says:

    i would love to receive a free cookbook. I have tried other brands of molasses but always go back to Crosby”s. mailing address Court C, 174 Masonic Park, Mt. Pearl. Nl, Can. A1E 3K6

    1. Kelsey Reid says:

      Hi Olive, we will gladly put one in the mail for you. Thank you.

  19. Vivian says:

    Was wondering if you still sent out copies of your cookbook?

    1. Hi Vivian, We have a new printed cookbook called Simple Fare. Just forward your address to me (bridget.oland@crosbys.com) if you’d like us to send you a copy.

  20. gail steeves says:

    Thanks for the interesting looking recipes, I am about to try one. Here in Sussex we have a little restaurant, ‘Off the Rails’, that serves a delicious brown bread with their meals. I’ve been thinking about that bread, and that is inspiring me today to make a loaf of Brown Bread. Surely they use Crosby’s in their recipe!

    1. Hi Gail, I’ll have to keep an eye out for the restaurant. I’m always in search of great brown bread.

  21. Roland Noel says:

    Would love to get your free cookbooks by mail thanks .your recipes are sweettttt.

    1. Hi Roland, We’d be happy to mail you a copy of our cookbook.

  22. Gerard says:

    Hi..love the many recipes you offer.
    We would love to receive a copy of your

    1. Gerard says:

      Our home address is
      498 Fortington Street
      Renfrew Ontario
      K7V 1E2

      1. Lynn Purdy says:

        Garard, I will mail you a copy this week. Happy Holidays.

  23. Sheila THOMPSON says:

    I just bought your molasses and I would love a copy of your recipe book. It’s there a private place I can leave my address?

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      Shelia, Please email your complete mailing address to receptionist@crosbys.com and we will mail you a copy of Simple Fair, our latest cookbook. Thank you.

  24. Joanne Cowan says:

    Hi – I am also interested in receiving the copy of the cookbook by mail. Also happy to pay for shipping, especially as I live in BC! I did live in St John’s for 3 years… it is a fair bit away!

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      Joanne, Thank you for the request of free cookbook. Please email your full name and complete address to receptionist@crosbys.com and we will mail you a copy, at no cost to you.

  25. Robert Dyck says:

    Have always loved Blackstrap Molasses in everything, adds a unique flavor to foods.

    1. Bridget Oland says:

      Hi Robert, I’m a big fan of blackstrap molasses too. I even put it in my coffee each morning.

  26. Leslie says:

    Hi, could u please send your cookbook too my mom. Her address is 20 Reids Road apartment 105 Corner Brook,NL A2H 5Y7 it would be greatly appericated

    1. Bridget Oland says:

      Hi Leslie, We’d be happy to send your mom a copy of our printed cookbook.

  27. Sharron says:

    I have a copy of molasses family favorites 2nd edition. The recipes are fabulous my favorites are chocolate gingerbread and old fashioned gingerbread and the sauces and molasses butter frosting.

    1. Bridget Oland says:

      Hi Sharron, Glad you love the recipes in that cookbook. And I agree – the gingerbread recipes are extra yummy :)

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