Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas: 5 Perfect Cookie & Ice Cream Pairings

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Are you in search of homemade ice cream sandwich ideas? Here are the 5 best cookies for homemade ice cream sandwiches, and ice cream flavour pairings to go with cookies for ice cream sandwiches

Last evening my son asked if he could have some ice cream. Yes, I said, you can have a little bowl…


It’s hard not to want ice cream every day when the weather turns fine. In fact, I may have to put a lock on my freezer to keep them from dipping into it during the afternoon. That’s what my aunt used to do. She had seven boys who would raid the kitchen at any chance so she kept baking supplies locked in a high cupboard and carried the key in her apron pocket.

A bowl of ice cream is a nice treat but ice cream sandwiches are even better, especially when you have just the right cookie for the top and bottom.

Homemade Ice Cream Sandwich Ideas:

5 cookies that are just right for ice cream sandwiches:

Chewy Molasses Crinkle Cookies:

Such a classic chewy cookie. I’d pair these with Rolo Ice Cream, Moose Tracks, or something similar.

chewy molasses crinkle cookies


Peanut Butter Molasses Cookies

These cookies aren’t brittle like most peanut butter cookies and have a bit of chew to them. These would be delicious with Peanut Butter Fudge Crunch Ice Cream.

peanut butter molasses cookies

Sandra’s Really Good Molasses Cookies:

These cookies have candied ginger and a little balsamic vinegar in them which means I would automatically pair them with good-quality Strawberry Ice Cream.

really good molasses cookies with candied ginger and balsamic vinegar

Chocolate Gingersnaps

These are verging on shortbread cookies but are up to the challenge of holding it all together for an ice cream sandwich. If your local grocer has Salted Caramel Ice Cream then that would be my first choice, although Mint Chocolate Chip Ice Cream is a close second.

choc gingersnaps

Giant Ginger Cookies

This is a stellar cookie recipe and would go beautifully with some version of a Cherry or Raspberry Cheesecake Ice Cream.

giant ginger cookies

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