29 Favourite Molasses Recipes in a Free eBook

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Enjoy our new molasses cookbook (eBook) featuring 29 recipes for everyday favourites. All are family-friendly and well tested.

29 Favourite Molasses Recipes in a Free eBook. Family friendly and well tested recipes. Colour photo for each recipe.

Get all of our new favourite molasses recipes in a free eBook

This cookbook features all of my favourite recipes from the past two years. It’s a mixture of recipes for everyday cooking and baking — from muffins, cookies, quick breads and cakes, to main dish meals, sauces and drinks.

These are the sorts of recipes that can become your go-to recipes. They’re dependable and you know everyone will love them.

The book was designed to be easily downloaded and viewed on your computer, tablet and phone. That way you can access the recipes whenever and wherever you need them.


Favourite molasses recipes free eBook

Here’s just a glimpse of what the book includes…

zucchini brownies 2Whole wheat blueberry muffins --Sobeys gingerbread 2Buttermilk muffinsApple cider pumpkin mffinsmolasses mustard chicken smketchup 3 smbaked beans with sausage 3smcarrot cake 6 smpubnico cookie2smtriple ginger 6smpumpkin spice latte

Looking for a 30-minute meal for tonight, or lunch box ideas for the week? You’ll find everything you need in this  handy eBook.

Time to get cooking!

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6 thoughts on “29 Favourite Molasses Recipes in a Free eBook

  1. Diane Melanson says:

    Thanks for the lovely recipes.. I’m sure I will enjoy baking many of the varieties of muffins and cookies…

  2. Judy Curtis says:

    Love cooking with molasses.

  3. Monique Dube says:

    Favourite all time recipes!!!

  4. Love recipes with molasse

  5. yolanda N says:

    hi yhooooo I am in love with your recipes.

    do you perhaps have an APP i can download so I can access your videos from plssss

    1. Bridget Oland says:

      Hi Yolanda, I’m so glad that you love our recipes! We don’t have an app but our videos can be found both on our website and our YouTube channel.

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