How to make a Gingerbread House: recipes and hints and tips for putting it all together.

How To Make A Gingerbread House | Tips & Recipes

  For four years running my neighbour, Susannah Munroe, has made the gingerbread creation for our annual event, Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail. It’s a magical journey of gingerbread creations in uptown Saint John, NB. Susannah’s creations are always impressive wi read more
Korean meatballs are highly seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, sesame oil and a little molasses. Once cooked they're tossed with simply spiced noodles. Serve with raw or lightly sauteed peppers for a bright and flavourful meal.

Korean Turkey Meatballs with Noodles

Flavourful Korean Turkey Meatballs are seasoned with fresh ginger, garlic, pepper, sesame oil and a little molasses. Sometimes my kids whine about supper. (Okay, often.) May be it's a phase? They're tired of chicken, say they don't like turkey meatballs, don't want to eat read more

Orange Glazed Ham

Orange Glazed Ham Turn ordinary ham into something special with this easy orange glazed ham recipe.  Makes a lovely main dish for Easter dinner or brunch. Ingredients: 2 to 3½ lb boneless cooked ham ½ cup frozen orange juice concentrated, thawed, undiluted ¾ cu read more

Crispy Chocolate Gingersnaps

Crispy cookie lovers this is for you... Winter has arrived again in Southern New Brunswick. Other places, too, I know, but since here is where I’m shoveling … We enjoyed a real old fashioned snow storm on Sunday followed but two more storms. School was cancelled yeste read more

Molasses Cornbread, golden & sweet

Molasses cornbread is a quick and easy bread that goes with soups, stews and is great with butter and jam. Also known as Johnnycake.  Molasses and cornmeal are a lovely combination.  When I was growing up Johnnycake (aka cornbread) was near the top of my treat list and read more
Wholesome Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies have a comforting cakelike texture and are studded with dark chocolate chips

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies | a Wholesome Treat

Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies have a comforting cake-like texture and are studded with dark chocolate chips. A chocolate chip cookie with vegetables is a parent’s dream. It’s what we’re all in search of: a lunchbox treat or after school snack with a bit of good read more
Whole Orange Molasses Cake is moist and so flavourful. Made with olive oil and two oranges.

Whole Orange Molasses Cake

If a muffin became a cake, this Whole Orange Molasses Cake would be it. Olive oil cakes are a traditional sweet from the Mediterranean region. They’re moist and often flavoured with orange. They're also usually sweetened with honey, but molasses and orange are such a per read more
Turkey Sloppy Joes: a Friday night supper that's easy to throw together. This contemporary version is healthier and more flavourful than your typical Sloppy Joes

Turkey Sloppy Joes Recipe an Easy Weekend Meal

Turkey Sloppy Joes are the ultimate weekend comfort food. They're hearty and filling, easy to throw together, and can feed a crowd. Sloppy Joes were Friday night food when I was growing up. Easy to make, popular with kids and filling, they were a great back-pocket recipe read more
Frothy iced chai tea

Iced chai tea latte with molasses

Cold drinks are a joy in the summer. Even better are cold drinks that are a little bit slushy. To me that’s a back-deck indulgence. One of those little ways to enjoy summer just a little bit more. Like sitting to admire the flowers growing, and giving thanks that anothe read more
easy applesauce granola

Healthy Applesauce Granola

Why buy what you can so easily make at home? Some of the easiest things to make at home are those that we often buy. Take granola, for example. It’s really just a matter of tossing things together and then throwing them in a slow oven for three-quarters of an hour, stir read more