fudgy five minute chocolate sauce

Five minute chocolate sauce

This easy five-minute chocolate sauce recipe is an easy way to make a simple dessert extra special. Use it as a dip for strawberries, pour over a simple cake. When chilled it becomes dense and fudgy, perfect for sandwiching cookies! I was thinking this morning that I didn’t read more

Cracked wheat brown bread recipe with molasses

Cracked Wheat Brown Bread is a hearty loaf that requires just one rising. Bread baking as therapy... For a time when I was at university in Halifax I relieved the stress of my studies by baking bread. My dear friend Lisa sent me this recipe for cracked wheat brown bread ba read more

Oatmeal Bread

Oatmeal Bread Ingredients: 2 tsp sugar 1 cup lukewarm water 2 pkg. yeast 2 cups rolled oats 3 cups boiling water 2/3 cup Fancy Molasses ¼ cup melted shortening 7 cups flour 4 tsp salt Directions: Mix sugar, water and yeast and let stand 10 m read more
chocolate swirl gingerbread

Chocolate Swirl Gingerbread Solves Everything

Chocolate Swirl Gingerbread looks fiddly but is oh so easy. The first cake I learned to bake was a Jell-O cake. It was a plain white sponge cake that you poked all over with a skewer and poured the hot Jell-O mixture over top so it seeped into all of the little holes. It k read more
white chocolate truffle stuffed molasses cookies

White Chocolate Truffle Stuffed Molasses Cookies

Meet our prize winning cookie! Back in the spring we hosted a molasses cookie contest with Food Bloggers of Canada, a national organization of home cooks and bakers who blog about food. Choosing a winner was one of the joys of my job: I baked a batch of each of the five fin read more
oatmeal brown sugar coffee cake is moist and wholesome

Oatmeal Brown Sugar Coffee Cake with Pecan Streusel

Oatmeal Brown Sugar Coffee Cake is an old-fashioned coffee cake with wholesome substance. I buy rolled oats in 8 kg bags. We eat porridge pretty much every morning so buying is bulk is the simplest way to keep the cupboard stocked. I love how porridge is warming and sti read more

Chocolate jumbos and warm-all-over molasses memories

  I love a good molasses story. They always involve happy memories of moms and grandmothers and what’s not to love about a story that makes you feel good all over? I bet you have your own molasses memories and may be reading this post will take you back to a warm kitc read more
raspberry peach crisp

Raspberry Peach Crisp is Gorgeous and Delicious

In August we gorge on peaches. Basket after basket empties on our counter as we grab them two at a time to eat whole, the juice dripping down our arms. We slice them into yogurt and have now been enjoying them in juicy fruit crisps paired with raspberries. They’re a l read more
The Mo Burger, a simple flavourful burger that stays moist. Seasoned with salsa, Worcestershire sauce and molasses.

A Sweet and Spicy Hamburger: The Mo Burger (+ video)

A sweet and spicy hamburger that's flavourful and stays moist.   I know purists prefer to make their burgers with just salt and pepper, and may be an egg yolk to help bind it together but my kids and I prefer burgers that are tender and well-seasoned. (My kids will really read more