Lemon zucchini muffins are moist and not too sweet. Just a little molasses adds more depth to the flavour and the lemon zest gives them a great lift.

Lemon Zucchini Muffins – My Go-To Zucchini Muffin Recipe

Lemon zucchini muffins are moist and not too sweet. Just a little molasses adds more depth to the flavour and the lemon zest gives them a great lift.  Back-to-school is a busy time, even if you don't have anyone in your house in school. When the calendar turns from Augus read more
garlic chili rum wings

Molasses Chicken Wings

Molasses Chicken Wings Ingredients: 18 chicken wings (approximately 4 pounds) ½ cup soy sauce ½ cup fancy molasses 12 garlic cloves, finely minced ½ Tbsp paprika ½ Tbsp cayenne pepper ¾ tsp salt ½ cup sweet chili sauce 1/3 cup dark Jamaican read more

Dry Garlic Spare Ribs

Dry Garlic Spare Ribs Ingredients: 2 kg spare ribs ½ cup Fancy Molasses ½ cup brown sugar 2 cloves of garlic 3 tbsp soya sauce Sliced chives 1 tbsp dry mustard Directions: Place spareribs in a large pot, cover with water and bring to a boil. Simm read more

Orange Spice Molasses Cookies a homemade gift idea

A homemade cookie mix for a classic molasses cookie with a delightful orange twist. A homemade cookie mix makes a delicious gift. I love giving delicious gifts. And I like practical gifts too, the sort of thing that's not going to get tucked in a closet and forgotten about. Th read more

Molasses and Soy Glazed Scallops

Molasses and Soy Glazed Scallops Ingredients: 1 cup (250 mL) Crosby's fancy molasses 6½ tbsp (100mL) Japanese-style Soy Sauce 5 tsp (25 mL) sesame oil 1 tsp (5 mL) orange zest 20 sea scallops sea salt cracked black pepper Directions: Mix molas read more

Apple cake with molasses cider glaze

This time of year I’m always on the lookout for apple recipes. With local apples in markets everywhere it’s hard to resist buying them by the bushel. The other night I combed through my mom’s big recipe binder and I came across this recipe.  It’s a tender, coffee-styl read more

Spicy Chocolate Hermit Cookie Recipe

When I was growing up there was a great bakery across from our dentist’s office, a real old fashioned, hole-in-the-wall, neighbourhood bakery. We’d sometimes stop in after our appointments for a treat. I remember being in awe of the place, filled wall-to-wall with cookies a read more
How to make a Gingerbread House: recipes and hints and tips for putting it all together.

How To Make A Gingerbread House | Tips & Recipes

  For four years running my neighbour, Susannah Munroe, has made the gingerbread creation for our annual event, Crosby’s Gingerbread Trail. It’s a magical journey of gingerbread creations in uptown Saint John, NB. Susannah’s creations are always impressive wi read more
Wholesome banana bran muffins are refined sugar free

Wholesome Banana Bran Muffins are Refined Sugar Free

These wholesome banana bran muffins are sweetened with molasses and mashed banana. They're moist, beautifully textured and filled with healthy ingredients. Banana Bran Muffins are one of my favourite mid-morning snacks. This is one of those recipes that can be a good st read more

Mini gingerbread whoopie pies

Baking with children is such a delight. My kids have always loved to cook alongside me but now that they’re older (10 and 13) they can do most of the work. All of the work really, but we still share the measuring and mixing. "Bake chocolate cookies mommy? Bake chocolate co read more