Frothy iced chai tea

Iced chai tea latte with molasses

Cold drinks are a joy in the summer. Even better are cold drinks that are a little bit slushy. To me that’s a back-deck indulgence. One of those little ways to enjoy summer just a little bit more. Like sitting to admire the flowers growing, and giving thanks that anothe read more
Bananas, applesauce and molasses help to keep these Gluten-Free Banana Flax Muffins moist and not crumbly. A satisfying alternative for a favourite muffin.

Gluten-Free Banana Flax Muffins

Bananas, applesauce and molasses help to keep these gluten-free banana flax muffins moist and not crumbly.  I don't do a tonne of gluten-free baking but I have been chipping away at these sorts of recipes over the past few year. Through trial and error I have learned a lo read more
10 easy appetizers

10 Easy Appetizers for New Year’s Eve

My go-to recipes for easy entertaining... Whether you’re hosting a crowd at your house this year, or heading off to a potluck-style celebration, having a stash of easy and delicious appetizer recipes can only add to the fun. And if you’re making a meal of nibbles you read more

Crispy Chocolate Gingersnaps

Crispy cookie lovers this is for you... Winter has arrived again in Southern New Brunswick. Other places, too, I know, but since here is where I’m shoveling … We enjoyed a real old fashioned snow storm on Sunday followed but two more storms. School was cancelled yeste read more
Homemade Cornmeal Molasses Dog Treats

Homemade Cornmeal Molasses Dog Treats

Cornmeal* molasses dog treats are a wholesome snack for your furry friend. They're easy to make and tasty for people too. At farmer's markets I always admire the homemade dog treats. They look so wholesome that I'm temped to buy them, even though we don't have a dog right now. read more
Apple oatmeal pancakes are wholesome and hearty

Apple Oatmeal Pancakes | Wholesome and Hearty Breakfast Fare

In praise of hearty breakfasts... It’s amazing what rolled oats and an apple can do for pancakes. I’m fond of all sorts of pancakes but for a breakfast to really tide me over I need more than flour, milk and eggs which is why all of the extras in this recipe appeal to me. read more

Molasses Apple Crisp

Molasses Apple Crisp Ingredients: 1/3 cup butter ½ cup brown sugar ¾ cup sifted flour 1/3 cup Fancy Molasses 1 tsp cinnamon ¼ tsp salt 4 -  5 apples Directions: Cream butter, and then add brown sugar and flour gradually. Mixture will crumble. P read more

Orange Glazed Ham

Orange Glazed Ham Turn ordinary ham into something special with this easy orange glazed ham recipe.  Makes a lovely main dish for Easter dinner or brunch. Ingredients: 2 to 3½ lb boneless cooked ham ½ cup frozen orange juice concentrated, thawed, undiluted ¾ cu read more

Chewy Hermit Cookies with an Orange Glaze

You can never have too many recipes for hermit cookies One evening while freezing in the stands at our sons’ football game a friend and I got talking about cooking. And then we got talking about molasses which is how this five-star recipe made it into my hands. It seems read more