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NEW Simple Fare Cookbook: 30 Everyday Recipes

New Simple Fare Cookbook – 30 everyday recipes to enjoy with family and friends In the rush of everyday life, do you find yourself craving the “slow”, those unhurried minutes where you have time to spend with family, friends, or just yourself? This new collection read more

Molasses Popcorn Balls

An old-fashioned treat that's easy to make.  Molasses Popcorn Balls Ingredients: 1½ cups Fancy Molasses ¾ cup sugar 1 tbsp butter or margarine 4 qts popped corn Directions: Combine Fancy Molasses, sugar and butter or margarine in a 2 qt. saucepan. D read more
Healthy Zucchini Brownies, fudgy brownies, filled with zucchini, flax and chocolate chips.

Healthy Zucchini Brownies a Two-Bite Treat

Make a healthy version of an old-time favourite: Fudgy brownies, filled with zucchini, flax and whole wheat flour. These are healthy compromise brownies. They’re sweet and fudgy but made healthier with zucchini, ground flax, whole wheat flour and much less sugar than you read more
Swedish Apple Pie - a rich and delicious pie that is really quite effortless.

Swedish Apple Pie (with a touch of molasses)

Last week I finally understood the old saying, “As easy as apple pie.” I love apple pie but I can’t say I’d ever consider it “easy”. Not that apple pie is really difficult to make but there is pastry to be made and chilled and rolled and crimped. Swedish Apple read more
chocolate and molasses free eBook

Chocolate Meets Molasses in our New FREE eBook

Chocolate, meet molasses I have a cupboard full of dark chocolate for snacking and baking. My kids call it “Mommy Chocolate” and often ask if they can have a piece as a treat. They’ll swipe other things from the cupboard without asking (where have all the marshmallow read more

Whole wheat molasses quick bread – a family favourite

Believe it or not this is a quick bread -- no yeast, no rising and ready in no time.  It’s like the flip-flops of the bread world – quick, easy, just right for summer. This summer discovery is all thanks to Crosby’s Facebook fan Heather Andrews. She posted last month read more
White Chocolate Gingerbread Fudge, a quick and easy fudge recipe made with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, molasses and spices.

White Chocolate Gingerbread Fudge Recipe

White Chocolate Gingerbread Fudge, a quick and easy fudge recipe made with sweetened condensed milk, chocolate chips, molasses and spices.  My dad loved fudge more than anyone I know. We used to buy it for him for his birthday and for Christmas, and since his birthday was read more
s'mores bars

S’mores in a pan: an indoor take on the campfire classic

The last bag of marshmallow that I bought was the size of my pillow. I was more than a little self-conscious as I went through the grocery store check-out with a bag that large but I sure felt like a hero when I walked in the door at home and practically had my kids cheering m read more