7 Easy Holiday Appetizers for Small Gatherings

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These simple and satisfying holiday appetizers suit small gatherings. They’re great for December (including New Year’s Eve) and are just right for get-togethers anytime of the year. 

7 Easy Holiday Appetizers for Small Gatherings

If you’re in search of easy holiday appetizers for your next gathering here are some of our favourites. These are recipes that I have made often in my home and they’re always popular. They’re versatile too since all can be served as, or with, a main meal. The sauces and marinades can be used with a variety of protein. Vegetarian option included!

Easy Holiday Appetizers

Sweet & Sour Meatballs

This recipe can be made with turkey, chicken, beef or pork. The sauce is quick to mix up and is great on store-bought meatballs too.

Easy holiday appetizer: Sweet and sour turkey meatballs make great party food but can also be enjoyed as a main dish meal. The delicious sauce comes together quickly and suits all sorts of meatballs, including beef and pork.

Sweet Potato Wedges (with homemade ketchup)

These wedges are tossed with spices and a little molasses. They can be served with any kind of dipping sauce but our homemade ketchup makes them extra special.

Easy holiday appetizer: This easy recipe for spicy molasses roasted sweet potatoes makes it easy to eat more vegetables. The marinade has some tang from the vinegar and bite from the mustard and hot sauce which balance the sweet of the potatoes.

Teriyaki Salmon

Food on a stick is always great for appetizers. The teriyaki sauce can also be used with other protein.

teriyaki salmon

Oven-Baked Ribs

Ribs make great finger food. This oven-baked version can be made ahead and reheated.

easy oven-baked spare ribs

Molasses Wings

Rum and molasses are the secret ingredients in this recipe.

Easy holiday appetizer: Molasses rum chicken wings

Sweet & Sour Drumsticks

This recipe is made with the same sauce as our ribs.

 sweet and sour drum sticks

Spicy Cajun Shrimp

This is an old family recipe that remains everyone’s favourite. Pass shrimp in a bowl with lots of toothpicks.

 Easy Cajun shrimp recipe

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