14 Recipes for Cooking with Apples {Free eBook}

Cooking with Apples: 14 Delicious recipes. I love how smells can trigger memories. More than any other time of the year, autumn is when I'm most aware of my sense of smell and its connection to my childhood. From the damp earthy smells during a walk in the woods to the scent read more

Get Grilling with our FREE BBQ Basics eBook

Our new BBQ Basics eBook makes it easy to get grilling   The BBQ eBook features 15 recipes for summer backyard favourites with a tasty twist. Many of the recipes offer easy variations to help you make them your own: Try different beer in the barbecue sauce, substitute read more
Cake recipes for all Occasions in a Free eBook

Cake recipes for all Occasions in a Free eBook

A little go-to book of cake recipes for all occasions A collection of cake recipes will always come in handy. There are the obvious times when you want to bake a celebration cake, for a birthday or some other special occasion. These are the cakes that bake beautifully in a read more
chocolate and molasses free eBook

Chocolate Meets Molasses in our New FREE eBook

Chocolate, meet molasses I have a cupboard full of dark chocolate for snacking and baking. My kids call it “Mommy Chocolate” and often ask if they can have a piece as a treat. They’ll swipe other things from the cupboard without asking (where have all the marshmallow read more
Our best muffin recipes

Our Best Muffin Recipes in a Free eBook

All our favourite muffin recipes in a free eBook I consider homemade muffins to be the ideal snack food. Sweet enough to be satisfying but not too cake-like, they can feel like a little treat.   Yes, sometimes muffins are a bit like dessert, but when you make your muffin read more
20 recipes for holiday favourites

Free Holiday eBook: 20 Recipes For Holiday Cookies and Treats

My earliest holiday cookie memory is of Cardamom-Scented Gingersnaps. They’re so plain that you wouldn’t think they’d stand out to a child. But it isn’t the look of them that I recall it’s the smell of the kitchen while they baked. Cardamom is an exotic spice with a read more
Free Gingerbread eBook

25 Gingerbread Recipes and Sweet Sauces to go with them

Gingerbread eBook - Gingerbread desserts for every occasion, and every day. Gingerbread with hot lemon sauce was a go-to recipe for my grandmother and my mom often made gingerbread with brown sugar sauce for Sunday dessert. Now I bake gingerbread for my book club or if w read more