29 everyday recipes in a free eBook. Colour photo for each recipes. family friendly and well tested recipes.

29 Favourite Molasses Recipes in a Free eBook

Enjoy our new molasses cookbook (eBook) featuring 29 recipes for everyday favourites. All are family-friendly and well tested. Get all of our new favourite molasses recipes in a free eBook This cookbook features all of my favourite recipes from the past two years. It's read more
Gingerbread favourites: 12 New Gingerbread Recipes in a Free eBook

Gingerbread Favourites| 12 Recipes in a Free eBook

Looking for a fail-proof dessert to share with friends? Get started with our new eBook of  gingerbread favourites. (It's free.) I love when the calendar turns to December. All that November waiting vanishes in an instant and we can set our sights on Christmas. Wish lists, bak read more
Refined sugar free snacks- 14 wholesome recipes

Refined Sugar Free Snacks – 22 Recipes in a Free eBook

Cooking and baking with 100% natural sweeteners is easier than you think. Make your own refined sugar free snacks: From warming drinks to wholesome muffins, cookies and healthful energy bites, going (white) sugar-free in your kitchen is deliciously doable. Molasses is lowe read more
Baking with Apples: 17 recipes in a free ebook

Baking with Apples: 17 Recipes in a Free eBook

All of our best baking with apples recipes gathered together in an easy-to-download eBook One of my favourite things about fall is apples. When they're fresh, local, crunchy and tart, nothing tastes better. And there is something about the smell of apples baking that make read more

13 Cake Recipes in a Free eBook

Our new Cake eBook offers a baker's dozen of new favourite cake recipes in an easy-to-download eBook. This new eBook is full of everyday favourites, the sort of recipes that you could whip up on a weeknight but that can also be dressed up for a weekend gathering. None is read more
20 healthy muffin recipes in a free eBook

20 Healthy Muffin Recipes in a Free eBook

Healthy muffin recipes - the ideal snack food. This is what I love about muffins: they’re a bit of a sweet treat but you can stuff them full of all sorts of healthy ingredients. And when you bake muffins from scratch, you get to decide how healthy you want them to be. read more