comfort food favourites free e-book

Comfort Food Favourites: 20 Recipes in a Free eBook

The coziest treats are always homemade, especially when they're comfort food favourites.  I had no trouble getting into fall baking mode this year. After last week's chilly weather I jumped right into baking gingerbread, pumpkin spice-filled treats, apple desserts and he read more
Sugar-Free Baking: 22 Recipes in a Free e-Book

Sugar-Free Baking: 22 Recipes in a Free e-Book

Sugar-free baking is easier than you think. Our e-book includes recipes for cakes, cookies, muffins and other healthy snacks and treats that are all refined-sugar-free, sweetened naturally with molasses. Sugar-Free Baking 22 Healthy snacks sweetened naturally with molasses read more
Cook with Your Kids: Fun & Easy Recipes to Keep Your Kids from Climbing the Walls (Free eBook)

Cook with Your Kids: Fun & Easy Recipes (Free eBook)

We want to make it easier for you and your family to enjoy all of this extra time at home. This free eBook, and our new Cooking with Kids recipe section, will give you more ways to stay busy while you stay home, and keep your kids learning and having fun. There are so many grea read more
18 gingerbread recipes in our free gingerbread ebook

18 Gingerbread Recipes in a Free eBook

Enjoy 18 favourite gingerbread recipes in our updated Gingerbread eBook.  Every November I comb through our gingerbread recipes and select my favourites to compile into our annual Gingerbread eBook. This year we're sharing 18 recipes for gingerbread cakes, cookies, muffins and read more
Our 20 best muffin recipes in a free ebook

Our 20 Best Muffin Recipes in a Free eBook

Muffins are one of my favourite snack foods. They can be wholesome, filling and are easy to grab when you're on the run. This free eBook includes what I consider to be our 20 best muffin recipes.  This updated Muffins eBook includes some of our newest favourite recipes, but I w read more
29 everyday recipes in a free eBook. Colour photo for each recipes. family friendly and well tested recipes.

29 Favourite Molasses Recipes in a Free eBook

Enjoy our new molasses cookbook (eBook) featuring 29 recipes for everyday favourites. All are family-friendly and well tested. Get all of our new favourite molasses recipes in a free eBook This cookbook features all of my favourite recipes from the past two years. It's read more