Sweet Success: The Story of Crosby Molasses

In 1879, at the tender age of 20, Lorenzo George Crosby opened a grocery business in the bustling port town of Yarmouth, Nova Scotia. An enterprising youth, L.G. quickly established himself as an entrepreneur in the import/export trade industry, transporting Maritime fish and lumber to the West Indies and returning with puncheons filled with that “liquid gold” known as fancy molasses. And so the Crosby Molasses Company was born. The rest, as they say, is sweet history.

In 1897, Crosby Molasses relocated to Saint John, New Brunswick—a larger, more centrally-located harbour town. By 1911, Crosby’s had outgrown its place of business on Nelson Street and moved to Marsh Road–now known as Rothesay Avenue. 136 years later, Crosby’s is still supplying molasses and sweeteners to retail and industrial markets from those same Rothesay Avenue premises.

Today, 137 years after L.G. Crosby founded his business, the Crosby Molasses Company continues to flourish as an independently-owned family business under the direction of James Crosby, a fifth-generation molasses purveyor.

While molasses continues to be the mainstay of the business, Crosby’s has an ever-expanding line of dry-sugar-based products and syrups, with distribution in Canada, the New England States and other international locations.

employees-nov-1911 Loading molasses Sailing ship with molasses cargo