Chicken Wing Recipes + Comfort Food Ideas for Game Day + Any Day

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chicken wing recipes for Super Bowl

Have you ever noticed that Super Bowl and Supper Bowl are almost the same?

I have never watched the Super Bowl but game day food ideas are flooding my email box so I feel like a fan of sorts — a Super Bowl Food Fan.

If you consider Super Bowl Sunday a great excuse to cook finger food and comfort food here are some satisfying suggestions that are cheer-worthy.

I’ll start with chicken wing recipes since they’re the ultimate in messy finger food. I haven’t met a chicken wing recipe yet that wouldn’t be great with a little (or a lot) of molasses. Sticky wings, sweet wings, sweet-with-heat wings, all taste delicious with molasses.

Here are our favourite recipes for wings, along with other comfort food for a wintery Sunday afternoon.

Super Bowl Finger Food – Chicken Wing Recipes:

Sticky Asian Wings

sticky Asian wings

Friday Night Spicy Wings

spicy molasses wings

Garlicky Chili Rum Wings

garlic chili rum wings


If you’re in the mood for a big pot of something warm and spicy, try one of these…

Warming Comfort Food for Game Day & Any Day:

Black Bean Turkey Chili


Roasted Red Pepper Lentil Soup

roasted red pepper lentil soup


Black Bean Chili

black bean chili

Island Beef Stew

Island Beef Stew

Steak  or Veal Goulash



Winning Desserts:

Molasses Brownies

molasses brownies

Giant Ginger Cookies

giant ginger cookies




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  1. John Desjardins says:

    Are physical crosby molasses cookbooks still available???

    1. Hi John, Yes. we have a printed book and would be happy to mail you a copy. just email your mailing address to me

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    I would love to recieve a copy of the cookbook. love crosby”s molalles


    1. Hi Clara, We’d be happy to mail you a copy of our cookbook. Just forward your mailing address to me, via email

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