Best Barbecue Recipes: Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce & Baked Beans

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Best Barbecue Recipes: Baked Beans & Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce

Our Best Barbecue Recipes Will Make Your Labour Day Barbecue Better.

Barbecue loves molasses. Whether it’s sauces or marinades or hearty side dishes, molasses suits all that we love about eating outdoors. To help make your summer barbecue even better we’re sharing two of our best barbecue recipes: a multi-purpose barbecue sauce and classic baked beans.

Molasses Baked Beans are a standard barbecue side dish  for many. I didn’t grow up eating baked beans in summer but the more I dig into barbecue recipes the more I come across baked beans recipes. Cowboy Beans appear on all sorts of lists for best BBQ side dishes. Cowboys and baked beans do go together, along with meat cooked over the fire, so I definitely understand the baked beans-barbecue connection.

This recipe for Molasses Baked Beans is based on the baked beans recipe that I grew up with. It’s an adaptation of  recipe out of the Laura Secord Canadian Cookbook. The book was originally published in 1966 but was reprinted a few years ago. Here’s the recipe.

Best Barbecue Recipes: Baked Beans & Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce

Homemade Barbecue Sauce Takes Just 10 Minutes to Make.

I grew up eating my uncle’s homemade Beer Barbecue Sauce. I know there must be 100 different kinds of prepared barbecue sauce on the grocery store shelf but if you can grab 10 spare minutes to make your own it is so worth the tiny bit of effort. And if you’re into beer, especially craft beer, you can have all sorts of fun trying different kinds of beer in this recipe.

Beer Barbecue Sauce is flavourful but not overpowering so is great with chicken and vegetables along with pork and steak. Here’s the recipe

Best Barbecue Recipes: Baked Beans & Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce

Do you have big plans for the Labour Day weekend?

These may be our best barbecue recipes (they’re two of my favourites) but we have so many more barbecue recipes to share. If you’re in search of more ideas to feed a crowd, download our free Barbecue eBook. In it you’ll find 15 recipes that are just right for the last hurrah of the summer.  Enjoy!

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6 thoughts on “Best Barbecue Recipes: Easy Beer Barbecue Sauce & Baked Beans

  1. Maureen Le Blanc says:

    I’m looking for gluten-free recipes.

    I pressed on the highlighted area to follow the blog, but nothing happened.

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      Maureen, Here is the link to 20 gluten-free molasses recipes. Please try some.

  2. LPV says:

    I love this bean recipe although I decrease the sugar just a bit. I will have to try the bbq sauce before the end of bbq season. :)

    1. Lynn Purdy says:

      LPV, when I make baked beans, I don’t add any brown sugar and add a little more Crosby Molasses or leave it as is. They disappear every time I make them, so I don’t think anyone cares about the brown sugar. Please try the BBQ sauce, it is delicious.

      1. Lorraine says:

        Thanks Lynn; I omitted the brown sugar and just used molasses. The beans were great. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

        1. Lynn Purdy says:

          Your very welcome. That was how my Mom made them.

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