Chewy and soft molasses coffee cookies

A plain old molasses cookie that isn`t so plain... Molasses and coffee is one of my favourite combinations. I love it in marinades and in cakes but this is the first time that I have come across it in a cookie recipe. Turns out the molasses-coffee combo has been around for read more

Scrumptious Brown Butter Molasses Blondies

January can be tough. All those adjusting-after-the-holidays aches and pains. Great food and late nights give way to early mornings, rushed dinners and routine. Why on earth people throw New Year’s Resolutions into the mix I’ll never know. While we all endur read more
12 recipes for baking with apples

Baking with Apples: 12 recipes in a Free eBook

Baking with apples, one if my favourite fall traditions. It's easy enough to fit apples into recipes any time of the year (especially applesauce) but there is something about the smell of a basket of apples on the counter in September that sets me on a mission to bake fall read more
Yankee buns biscuit style cinnamon buns

Yankee Buns | Biscuit Style Cinnamon Buns

Who doesn’t have a weakness for cinnamon buns? It’s a special day for me when molasses lovers share their family favourite recipes. It’s like being invited into their kitchen for a cup of tea. It also highlights what I think is the most wonderful thing about food - the s read more
blueberry muffin recipe

Our Best Blueberry Muffin Recipe

This may be the only blueberry muffin recipe you will ever need That's how good it is. Moist and lightly textured it tastes just like a muffin should. Even better, we're sharing 10 ways to make it your own. This basic blueberry muffin recipe lends itself to endless variati read more

Coconut Flax Molasses Cookies are a tasty vegan treat

Sometimes I need variety in my cookie life, a little something different to grab my taste buds and remind me that cookie possibilities are limitless. That’s what this recipe did for me. Originally I assumed it was a molasses cookie recipe with shredded coconut. But it turned read more

Gingerbread Cake with Coffee and Chocolate

Gingerbread cake with coffee and chocolate is a moist, flavourful cake that combines some of my favourite flavours: coffee, chocolate and ginger. I love baking birthday cakes, especially when I have a rainy Saturday afternoon free to bake. Too wet to enjoy work in the garden read more