Orange spice gingerbread cake

Orange Spice Gingerbread Cake

A sticky gingerbread served warm – is there any dessert more comforting? Hot apple crisp comes close but there is something about the texture and spicing of a gingerbread that wraps your up in a blanket. I have been thinking a lot about an orange spiced gingerbread after read more

Molasses walnut scones recipe with vanilla glaze

I consider scones the perfect snack food. There’s something about the texture that I find satisfying and comforting and they can be filling enough if made with good flour (whole grain). This molasses walnut scones recipe takes scones to a whole new level with a generous hand read more
20 healthy muffin recipes in a free eBook

20 Healthy Muffin Recipes in a Free eBook

Healthy muffin recipes - the ideal snack food. This is what I love about muffins: they’re a bit of a sweet treat but you can stuff them full of all sorts of healthy ingredients. And when you bake muffins from scratch, you get to decide how healthy you want them to be. read more
Apple Sage Baked Beans: A classic recipe for molasses baked beans seasoned with savoury sage and tart apples.

Apple Sage Baked Beans | Comfort Food with a Twist

Molasses baked beans with apple and sage - classic comfort food with a twist... I don’t know how old I was when I finally decided I liked baked beans. Baked beans were a common Saturday night supper when I was growing up, along with molasses brown bread. And when I w read more
roasted rhubarb gingerbread and other rhubarb recipes

Roasted Rhubarb Gingerbread and other Rhubarb Recipes

Is there anything more dependable than rhubarb? Much like chives and fiddleheads it manages to turn a blind eye to the spring we have endured and grow its big leafy self. The arrival of rhubarb is proof that we have made it through another winter. I love the old fashion read more
5 easy recipes for Canada Day and Summer Weekends

5 Easy BBQ Recipes for Summer Weekends

Barbecues and warm summer days. Sometimes slow is a good thing... Canada Day is always a great excuse to gather with friends and family. And there’s nothing like enjoying a meal outdoors when the weather is fine. If you’re hosting family and friends this holiday weeken read more
pumpkin and molasses recipes

9 Sweet Pumpkin and Molasses Recipes

Have a craving for comforting baked goods that meld the flavours of pumpkin and molasses? Here are nine sweet pumpkin and molasses recipes to enjoy this fall: Pumpkin and molasses make for a great combination so it's no surprise that we have a growing list of recipes on this read more
Giant ginger cookies are crunchy and chewy, the perfect crinkle top molasses cookie.

Giant Ginger Cookies for summer picnics

Giant ginger cookies are crunchy and chewy, the perfect crinkle-top molasses cookie. I baked giant ginger cookies during a virtual heat wave and I didn’t mind at all. That’s how good they are. My kitchen was like a sauna as I put pan after pan in the oven. Loaded wi read more
Refined sugar free snacks- 14 wholesome recipes

Refined Sugar Free Snacks – 14 Recipes in a Free eBook

Cooking and baking with 100% natural sweeteners is easier than you think. Make your own refined sugar free snacks: From warming drinks to wholesome muffins, cookies and healthful energy bites, going (white) sugar-free in your kitchen is deliciously doable. Molasses is lowe read more