molasses spice crinkle cookies three ways

Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookies 3 Ways

  Turn one batch of cookies into three with this versatile Molasses Spice Crinkle Cookie recipe. This is a great recipe for the indecisive baker. You know, those days when you want to bake something sweet but can't decide on a recipe. It's a classic molasses cookie rec read more
Cooking with apples text page

14 Recipes for Cooking with Apples {Free eBook}

Cooking with Apples: 14 Delicious recipes. I love how smells can trigger memories. More than any other time of the year, autumn is when I'm most aware of my sense of smell and its connection to my childhood. From the damp earthy smells during a walk in the woods to the scent read more
Saucy Pudding

Molasses Pudding Cake

Molasses Pudding Cake Ingredients: 2 tbsp butter or shortening ¼ cup sugar ½ cup Crosby's Fancy Molasses 1 egg, beaten ¼ cup hot water 1 cup flour, spooned in 1 tsp baking soda ½ tsp salt ½ tsp ginger ¾ tsp cinnamon Topping: ½ cup read more
Double chocolate whole wheat zucchini bread

Double Chocolate Whole Wheat Zucchini Bread

Solve your back to school lunch box challenges with double chocolate whole wheat zucchini bread. It's not yet mid-September and already we’re having a hard time ensuring our kids pack reasonably healthy lunches. Fruit and protein aside, I like to have little treats on read more
blueberry recipes

6 Scrumptious Blueberry Recipes

I love and lament the arrival of blueberries. Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits but they appear as summer is winding down and back-to-school is closing in. Still, there's something thrilling about stuffing my freezer with these blue beauties - so I can savour Augu read more
30 minute cinnamon sticky buns

30-Minute Cinnamon Sticky Buns

Who can resist cinnamon sticky buns on Easter morning? There is something about Easter weekend that makes me crave homemade baked goods, and not just any bread, muffin or scone. I crave special treats like these cinnamon sticky buns. I know that cinnamon buns made with read more
Creamy baked oatmeal breakfast pudding

Creamy Baked Oatmeal Breakfast Pudding with Apple

We are a porridge family. We buy our rolled oats in 8 kg bags and most weekday mornings I or my husband set a pot of oats on the stove to cook before the kids get out of bed. Oatmeal is one of the few things that fills me up in the morning, and keeps my stomach from growling read more
ginger spice molasses cookies

Ginger Spice Molasses Cookies & How To Use Cookie Stamps

A tender molasses cookie dressed up for the holidays with festive cookie stamps. There’s something about a tender molasses spice cookie that can make people swoon, especially at Christmastime. Most festive molasses cookies are firm or chewy, which is delicious too but somet read more

Dense & Spicy Ginger Molasses Muffins

What's with the giant muffin phenomenon? I have yet to figure out the appeal of muffins that are the size of softballs. I think of muffins as snack food, something to grab with an apple or to eat alongside a cup of tea. A muffin is not a meal. If you need a muffin to be a br read more